Fortitude Long Short Fund

Fortitude Long Short Fund has investment capabilities in derivatives that spans across equities, indices, foreign exchange, futures and the commodities markets. The fund made a net returns of 32.68% in 2017 and 50.24% in 2018 and 36.34% in 2019.

At Fortitude, our investment philosophy is grounded in the belief that while markets are efficient in the long term, there are exist inefficiencies in the short to medium term, where we can identify investment opportunities. We strongly believe that diversification is the key to achieving superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term. These perspectives are always grounded in rigorous fundamental-driven research, as well as in-depth market and sector understanding.

At Fortitude, we encourage excellent discipline and solid capital management in a thriving trading environment.

Fortitude holds our funds with regulated banks and brokers to ensure the safety of funds.

In 2020, fortitude fund decides to start Emperous Trading Academy to provide financial education to the public.

Investment Strategies

We use multiple investment strategies for optimum profits such as long/short strategies, market neutral and arbitrage

Our Traders

Our traders go through a stringent selection process to ensure optimal profits

Fund Returns

Returns 32.68% in 2017
Returns 50.24% in 2018
Returns 36.34% in 2019
Returns 23.60% in 2020

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